Hong Kong e Dusseldorf will host, during four days in July, Puglia’s Evos by Buonaterra - Movimento Turismo dell’Olio Puglia. Two prestigious partners in Asia and Germany will support Buonaterra’s roadshow, cooperating to spread knowledge of Puglia extra virgin olive oil, native olive varieties, millennial olive tree groves, hypogean olive mills throughout our region to consumers and travellers of these two countries, which are considered key markets both for commercial and travel businesses. 

The roadshow will start from Hong Kong, thanks to the cooperation with Giando Group, the italian restaurants’ chain in loco by chef Giandomenico Caprioli, which is the main referral for italian good cuisine in the city. On 5th and 6th July, extra virgin olive oils by Buonaterra’s members will be the stars at the Mercato di Giando, with a public tasting where participants will be guided through native olive varieties, differences and food pairings, with an eye for the role of olive oil in Puglia history and culture. The goal is to encourage consumers, buyers, restaurant owners and personnels to deepen extra virgin olive oil culture through Buonaterra’s Evos. 

Second stop of the roadshow will be in Germany, at Dusseldorf. Thanks to the partnership with the german society Manfranco Gastro, their restaurant Primitivo – which is one of the most trendy italian restaurants of the city – will host two days of education and tasting about Puglia’s Evos, to consolidate the role of Puglia extra virgin olive oil on the german market.
The event will be held on 11th and 12th July and will be dedicated to the highly select clientele of the restaurant: consumers highly receptive to our region, cuisine and food travel experiences and also industry professionals and journalists, who will be the perfect ambassadors to promote in Germany all the archaeological and landscape treasures of Puglia olive culture (millennial olive tree groves, hypogean olive mills, historic masserie).

Members of Buonaterra who’ll represent the Consortium at this international appointment with their products are: Bisceglia - Mattinata (Fg) | Evoo - Torremaggiore (Fg) | Conte Spagnoletti Zeuli - Andria | Torrerivera - Andria | Galantino - Bisceglie (Bt) | Di Molfetta - Bisceglie (Bt) |  Lamantea - Bisceglie (Bt) | De Carlo - Bitritto (Ba) | Frisino - Palagiano (Ta) | Mazzarrino - Palagianello (Ta) | Le Ferre - Castellaneta (Ta) | Masseria Il Frantoio - Ostuni (Br) | Sololio - Ostuni | Santoro - San Michele Salentino (Br) | Taurino - Squinzano (Le) | Trevisi - Campi Salentina (Le)

“Puglia EVO Roadshow” is part of “ABC Olio: La cultura dell’olio extravergine”, a three-year program of cultural activities realised by Buonaterra and funded by Assessorato all’Industria turistica e culturale of Regione Puglia through Fondo di sviluppo e coesione FSC 2014-2020 “Patto per la Puglia”, Avviso pubblico per iniziative progettuali riguardanti le attività culturali.